Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can't Even Get Mad!

My husband frustrates me, because he doesn't frustrate me!! Is that crazy or what?!? And he is teaching my kids to be the same wonderful frustrating way!!! I now have four of them!
Tonight James and his brother Allen, who is having to live with us for a while, went to one of his younger brother's to play "hand and foot" for a while. (Meaning till 2 or 3 in the morning which is fine with me, it's his day off and he needs time with his brother's...)
For years, every since we have been married, we have had Game Night on Fri. nights but the last year it has petered out to almost nothing because of my health and James' job. So when no one was here by the normal time, he felt ok to go.
About an hour later, his youngest brother dropped off our youngest and our nephew. A few min. later we had three more kids ages 6 to 11 dropped off. So I was up to 7 kids aged 6 to 15. All under 12 except 1. My oldest had been at school and work all day and by 9pm was ready for bed so off he went.
Thirty min. later he got up. I asked him if the kids were too loud and he said no...He said he was worried about me and couldn't sleep thinking about me out here with all the kids by myself! Not 5min. later, while he was still sitting here, James called.
He said he was worried about me. He had a feeling that more kids had been dropped off and how many did I have. I told him, but said that Mathew had gotten back up so he should stay. Not 5 min. later both parents showed up to get their kids...
I called James and asked him if he had called the Dad's and told them to come get their kids. He said no, why? I said, cause both of them just came and got their kids! He was so surprised. He was just fixing' to come home to help me.
Mathew was going to stay up late and James was going to give up his time with his brothers to help me because they didn't want me to be over worked taking care of the kids in my health condition and God blessed them and in so doing blessed me!
I often get frustrated at them hovering over me and "babying" me, but they take such good care of me and love me so much, I really can't get mad at them! I love them and am so thankful for them!!! I truly am a blessed woman!