Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Room of Our Own

I once heard a piece of decorating advice and it stuck with me. "Don't put pictures of anyone except the two of you as a couple in your bedroom." The more I thought on this the more I liked it and it made sense to me.
We have pictures in almost every room in our home, hall and bathrooms included. These include our kids, parents, siblings, ancestors, etc...but in our bedroom I have removed all photos that aren't James and I together.
In fact I have taken it a step further over the years and now have our main wall, which is at the end of our bed, decorated with every photo of the two of us that I can find. To make it look nice I frame them all in 8x10 or 5x7 black frames and if needed use a cream border. I have them hung in a grid of three rows across the wall.
As we lay on the bed and talk or rest we are looking at a parade of our memories of our years and treasured moments together. It is amazing how often we find ourselves pointing out one picture or another and talking about where we were and what we were doing when it was taken.
I could have put all those pictures in albums or all over the house mixed in with all the others. But focused like they are they draw our attention and we look at them often and they help keep memories of all our wonderful moments alive even during sickness or worry.
This has made such an impact on us and our marriage that I have, over time, moved everything out of our room that doesn't have to do with us. All the treasures the kids bring us are proudly displayed all over the house, but not in our room. We have things we have gotten each other or gotten when together and we have a few personal things from our youth that have made us who we are and have stories behind them that are very special to us as a person that we share with each other.
What am I trying to say?? We have been married for just shy of 13 years. We have 3 children whom we adore, treasure and thank God for, because each one of them are here only through the Grace of God and the answer to many, many prayers. But when James and I go in our room and close the door, it is our Haven. It is where we are alone. Where we are best friends and can tell each other anything. It is our special place with nothing to jar or distract us. It truly is "A Room of Our Own".