Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joy of His Salvation!

It is incredible seeing life through my husband's eyes sometimes! He is a very quiet and shy man and has to know you well to let his guard down. But he has a love and joy of giving and special occasions that makes him funny at times. IE: Holidays, birthdays... He won't go to sleep till after midnight so he can sneak in all the kids rooms (or the birthday child) whisper Happy Birthday! Or MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Anniversary (to me), and gives them a kiss while they sleep! It's just his thing! But...this is what makes him the man of God that I love so much! He just came in to check on me and give me a kiss. And while he was here he looked at the clock with a big smile, "In 27 min. It will be by Spiritual Birthday! I will have been saved 35 years!! Then, as he does every year, and as he will with the kids tomorrow, told me his testimony of Salvation! It is such a wonderful tradition that as each of our children have gotten saved we keep that date special and write them all on the Calendar and they count down till its their Spiritual Birthday, then on that day we sit around as a family and they tell their testimony of Salvation! It's not something they have to do, we have never asked or told them to... They WANT to, they ask to, they can't wait for it! And I love that through his joy, and love of something so special in his life and openly sharing it with the kids he has shown them it is a wonderful thing to be happy and thankful for and it's not just for testimony time at church! I am truly blessed! In 1 min. HAPPY 35th JAMES!

He's trying to hug me.
He's soaking wet, he just got out of the Lake!!

I couldn't resist him ~ I stayed DRY, but gave him a kiss!!

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