Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary to US!!

Feb. 19, 2012 ~ James & Audrey Grant ~ Our 13th Anniversary!
As you can see by the picture we celebrated our Anniversary three days ago on Sunday! I was hoping above hope to be able to get out of bed that day and go to Church with my family. That would have been the BEST present for both of us. But it wasn't to be.

Three days before I managed to sneak up while he was at work and try on my wedding dress. I have lost 70 lbs. in the last three years and was "Hoping" it would fit for him for our Anniv. as a did!
But then I wasn't able to wear it to Church for him on Sunday because I was hurting too bad. That was my surprise for James.

James had a few surprises of his own tucked up his sleeve. This was the first Sunday in well over 6 months that he hasn't had to work an 11 to 12 hr. day (he takes care of people in there homes who can't get out). Instead of going to Church with the kids on Sunday Morning he made me breakfast in bed, and we watched the Church services on line together. I usually watch them alone while the kids go to church. (Then he went with them for evening service).
As soon as it was done he told me to take a nap (medicine) and he went to the kitchen and started putzing around. About an hour and a half he came back and sat on the bed grinning.
James:  "Our Spinach Pie will be done in an hour!" 
Me:  "Wait! Number 1. You made our traditional anniversary meal by yourself?!" 
James:  "YEP!
Me: "Number 2. Our oven is broken! And the part won't be in till Mon. or Tues.!"
James:   "I know, I called everyone who lived close by and couldn't reach anyone so I went knocking on the neighbors' doors till I found someone home who would let me use their oven for an hour and 15 min.!"  (Big Grin)
Me: "You love me that much?!"
James: "Well, You and Spinach Pie!" Laughs  (scene closes for you all)....

The romance never ends if you don't let it, you don't have to be rich, you don't have to do the same thing other people do and expect. It doesn't have to be Roses, Chocolate, candlelit dinner at a restaurant to mean that you are loving and continuing to court and invest in each other and your relationship.
Figure out WHO the person you are married to really is and that is what romance is really about! What is romantic about Spinach Pie??? It is my husbands favorite food in the whole world! It is expensive to make, you can't order it at a restaurant, his aunts and brother taught me how to make it the way his Mom did, it is unhealthy and fattening which neither of us need so we agreed that it would be our "Special" meal and I would make it for him on our anniv. every year. So I start buying and freezing ingredients up to two months in advance. 
Even if we can't get a gift for each other, we agree to put our money into the meal because it means so much to us.
My parents showed me this in a far different way when I was growing up. They often had NO money on their anniv. Not even enough to buy a little something extra to cook. I've known them to eat Cornbread and Milk for their anniv supper and be HAPPY! Why? Because they were together! What they ate didn't matter, where they were didn't matter. As long as they had time alone together, they were in Heaven on Earth!
That is the marriage that James and I make sure we work together to have every day. It's not always easy. I'm not an easy person to live with and even love all the time. I know that, And that is why I find him so amazing that he loves me at my worst.
Sooo, I chased a few rabbits there, but we had a wonderful anniv. in spite of my physical failings! I can't wait to see what year 14 brings for us!!

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