Friday, March 30, 2012

Over Night Trip

Wow! My husband surprised me yesterday when I woke up with a wonderful treat he had planned just for the two of us! He woke me up with a kiss, a hug, a cup of coffee and telling me that I had all day to pack a bag with what I would need to spend the night in a hotel with him. And that I was to ask no questions, but to take whatever I needed for being in a hot tub! So after the kids got off school, Joanna helped me pack a small bag and then when James came home from work he took me by the hand and helped me in the truck and off we went! We didn't do anything fancy or grand and glorious. Number one, my health wouldn't let me and number two we couldn't afford it. But we went through the drive through and got a sandwich each and drove to Soldotna and checked in. By then I had to lay down for 1/2 hour or so. Honestly I didn't want to even get up off the bed but because of the super sweet way he had made plans just for me I pushed and got ready for the hot tub. IT WAS HOT!!! But we spent quite a while in the water. James treated it like a therapy session. He had me laid out floating, totally relaxed with not a weight or pressure anywhere on my spine, neck, muscles, tendons...for the first time in over four and a half years I was almost pain free without being knocked out on pain pills! And it was amazing that he could do this because I am scared, no terrified of the water and have never been able to relax like that and float, trusting someone to hold me up while I laid there completely relaxed. I have always been tense, ready to fight to hold my breath and get my head up and feet down. But last night was wonderful! By the time we got out he had to practically carry me out of the tub! LOL Once I rinsed off the chlorine
and put on a night gown I barely made it to the bed! My poor hair stayed in a towel for about three hours before I even tried to do anything with it! When I fell asleep, (yes I took my pills, I was relaxed, not stupid!) I slept straight through till 7:30 this morning!! It was such a wonderful way to be spoiled and pampered by my husband! He said it was a just because trip! "Because, we need time alone, because you deserve it (I didn't think I did), because you need out of the house, because you've worked so hard and lost so much weight we are celebrating, because I love you, because I want to try the hot tub therapy for you...just because!" This is the first "get away" we have had together in over four years (unless you count my surgeries! LOL)! It was WONDERFUL!
Our feet~relaxing on our King Bed!

My Husband who spoils me!

Our Room!

Supper!! Yummy Salad!

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