Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Face Book Response

When I posted the comment that I started this blog page with on face book, a friend of mine replied as follows,"Awww, how romantic! Your post brought tears to my eyes! I am sooo glad you found the perfect mate! I have to beat mine a few more years, before he can qualify for that title! Lol jk I am very happy for the both of you! :)"
This in turn was my answer to her. "Thank you!! He like the rest of the world isn't perfect, but he has taught me thru his actions to focus on what he does right and I find that the other things seem sooo tiny in comparison!
He knows and loves me with all my sin and imperfections, my past and my "baggage", my temper and my stubborness. But instead of dwelling on or even ... Read Morethinking about or seeing those things in me, he sees the woman he waited till he was 34 for God to give him, He sees the Mother of his children, he even sees me as beautiful instead of scarred, overweight, and sick! Now there is a true example of love to watch and learn from! So yes, I know I am VERY undeserving, but OH, so very blessed & thankful!!"

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