Tuesday, November 17, 2009

M&M's = Love

I didn't post yesterday so these will be out of order, but this is for yesterday!
There I was, laying in the recliner, again! How many days in a row was it now? I can't even remember...6, 7 days. Haven't washed my hair, haven't even brushed it in two days because it hurts too bad to have the brush touch it.
James got up without a word, woke the kids for school, made them breakfast, brought me a plate and a cup of coffee, took the kids to school in the -13 degree weather, went to work, picked up his check, paid bills, and found time in the middle of it all to stop and buy me a treat.
Not, mind you, a little bag of candy, or even a extra large, but a full 1 pound bag of M&M's!
It's not the kind of candy he bought, it is that with doing his chores for the day and mine, he was thinking of me...in a BIG way!! And while that was all our finances could afford he did all he could to show me he was thinking of me and worrying about me instead of being frustrated that he was out extra long doing extra work, because of me.
How many times have I gotten irritated at having to do something extra to lighten his load when he asked? How many times have I missed an opportunity to show him how important he is in my life?
The little things DO count!

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